Our vision is to promote biblical eldership for the glory of God by providing teaching, resources, training, and mentoring for current and future church leaders who will implement, practice, teach, and train others in biblical eldership as the model for church leadership. In other words, we are equipping one generation of elders to equip the next generation of elders who will, in turn, equip the following generation.

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Despite what all the New Testament communicates, the doctrine of biblical eldership has been sorely misunderstood. Even churches that claim to be governed by a plurality of elders have redefined eldership so that its original purpose and noble standing have, in practice, been eclipsed by the ordained pastor and his staff. To clarify biblical eldership in light of contemporary church practices, we present the following five, distinguishing features of a New Testament, Christian eldership: pastoral leadership, shared leadership, male leadership, qualified leadership, and servant leadership.

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The School of the Shepherds (SOTS) online curriculum supplements local church elder and leader development, by providing the cognitive aspect of preparing to shepherd God's people. This will help train not only future elders but also leaders in various other roles in the local church; the principles apply broadly. Also, existing leaders can use this curriculum to fill in the gaps lacking in their own preparation.

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Our website is a wealth of resources including articles, videos, courses, books and more. Learn about the website:


"We appreciate all the work you have done to make such a useful tool available to us. We’ve been looking for something to use for the young men to help them study the word of God and practically apply godly principles in developing male leadership. The website Biblical Eldership, has been a godsend. The video lessons, detailed outlines and group discussion questions have been well received. Our first lesson was on Self-discipline because we knew some of the men needed to be exhorted in this area of their life. To my surprise, after doing the first lesson, I was convicted of a lack of self-discipline in some areas of my life. So now I’m a very eager student too. We meet once a month as a group and then have weekly homework assignments which have been done faithfully by all the men. The fact that it’s web based is good because everyone has access to the website and can do their lesson when it’s convenient for them. They are taking to these lessons with gusto and there has been a fresh wind blowing through the lives of these men, their families and the assembly. It’s exciting. Attached is a picture of our first meeting. Thank you again for your vision and labor for our Lord Jesus. It is a blessing. On behalf of the Elders at Northwest Bible Fellowship (Omaha, Nebraska)"