Look Out for the New Features at BER

by Chuck Gianotti

A new navigational menu for the website

You may have noticed the new navigational menu on the BER website. The vast amount of content on our site makes it challenging to find things at times.

Finding your way around the website is much easier with the new menu system. The drop-down menu at the top will be most noticeable for the “Effectiveness” section, where you will see all the topics we cover in one glance. Also a side-bar menu will appear at times to help you see where you are in any given lesson series.

Let us know what you think, and we will continually try to improve things so you can find everything you need on the website.

School of the Shepherds

We are excited about our new online training program for preparing potential elders for service. This is a six-course certificate-based program that lays an excellent foundation for shepherding in the local church. We are working hard to go live with this program by the beginning of the new year.

Liderazgo bíblico de la iglesia (LBI)

Our new Spanish version of the BER website is about to go live (maybe even by the time you read this email)! We have been working on this for quite awhile, strategizing how to globalize the website to create various language versions.

John Field in Argentina is the point person and the first to go through the process with Spanish, and now we are ready to launch Phase I, which involves building the infrastructure necessary for creating the LBI ministry, being the trailblazer for globalization, and setting up the LBI side of the website. The content at this point involves just the first section of content (“What is Biblical Eldership?”) and a few other things.

After launch, there is much translation work still to be done. But we have good traction for moving ahead. Pray the Lord would raise up more translators and funding to make this happen in a timely way.

Want to see the LBI site? When we go live, there will be a button/flag at the top of the site for choosing the language you wish to view the site in. Initially, it will only be English and Spanish, but we are in various stages of work toward translating BER into Italian, German, French and Hindi.

How you can help us

As you can see, Biblical Eldership Resources is an expansive and growing ministry. If you have read this far, you are a potential partner in this work, and we thank you for your interest.

If you or your church believe in this great work, would you also consider making a financial donation to help us cover the costs of continuing this ministry? If you wish to support a particular project, contact us, and we can send you the detailed list.

Some churches have told us they are committed to putting BER in their annual budget. Many individuals are giving monthly. You can contribute at https://www.biblicaleldership.com/donate/.

We value your prayers for this ministry. Please join us in asking the Lord to raise up those who share our vision for developing shepherd-elders in local churches worldwide and who have the resources to help us.