How to Pray for Your (Fellow) Elders

Here is helpful way to pray for your (fellow) elders and spiritual leaders: use the Spiritual Maturity book or mobile app.

Each day of the month, pray for them regarding one of the spiritual qualifications for elders. There are thirty-one qualifications, so that works out pretty well (of course you will have to double up on some months). You could pray something like this:

“Father, I thank you for ________ and his demonstration of godliness in this qualification area of his life. Help him grow more in this quality, affirm him where he is doing well, and show him where and how he can improve. Specifically, Lord, I ask that you would help him exercise this character in the situation he is now facing …”

Think of the impact this could have on the lives and shepherding effectiveness of your spiritual leaders! While you are at it, you could also pray that the Lord would help you develop those same spiritual characteristics in your life as well.

How can you get a copy of the biblical qualifications for elders?

  • Order your hard copy or digital copy (PDF, Kindle, or iBook format) from the BER store.
  • Download the free BER qualifications app from the Apple store (“Eldership Qualification”) or Android/Google Play (“Biblical Eldership Qualifications”).

By Chuck Gianotti