School of the Shepherds is Open! 5 Reasons to Enroll Now

The online School of the Shepherds is now open, and we want to invite you to be among our first students.

SOTS is a series of six online courses that you can complete at your own pace—alone or in a group (which we strongly recommend)—to supplement your leadership development and spiritual growth.  Our hope is that this curriculum will be a tool to equip current and future elders and others serving in the local church.

Each course features video teaching from members of the BER core team, reinforced with quizzes and discussion questions to use with your group or for personal reflection.

Here are five reasons to sign up now:

1. Become a more skillful shepherd of God’s flock.

These courses run the gamut of spiritual leadership development. Learn what the Bible teaches about eldership (and who qualifies), cultivate greater spiritual discipline in your life, grow in your doctrinal knowledge, and find tips and tricks for more effective church leadership.

2. Get ready to serve as an elder in the future.

Readiness for shepherding God’s people is much more than cognitive study, but you must begin with a biblical understanding of what is involved. This curriculum is a great starting point.

3. Kick your spiritual growth into a higher gear.

You’ll explore the spiritual disciplines that are vital to your walk with God in 102: Elder’s Spiritual Life. Then in 103: Spiritual Maturity, you’ll examine the qualities outlined in 1 Timothy and Titus as elder qualifications. Anyone who wants to grow spiritually—not just elders, but Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, and parents shepherding their children—will benefit from these courses.

4. Advance your Bible literacy.

SOTS 104: Counsel of God is a crash course in Bible doctrine, covering everything from creation to the covenants to the end-time events.

5. Save money by enrolling early.

Until June 30, 2019, we are allow all users to enroll in any three of the six courses for free. After that, we will begin charging a modest fee for the courses to help cover our costs.

You’ll gain the greatest benefit from the courses if you take them in a study group with other men. But if you don’t have a group, don’t let that stop you—you’re welcome to take them on your own too.

Visit to learn more and sign up, and contact us if you have any questions.