Beef Up Your Bible Study and Sermon Prep with These Free Study Tools

Whether you are preparing sermons, Sunday school lessons, or Bible study lessons (or just digging deeper into God’s Word for your own growth), you can benefit from the free resources of and its powerful Bible study tool, Lumina.

The ministry of provides free online access to thousands of study resources, including:

  • Bible-related articles on theology and practical everyday topics
  • The systematic exposition of books of the Bible, chapter by chapter
  • A categorical listing of materials sorted by book of the Bible
  • Curriculum for Bible studies and Sunday school classes
  • Sermon illustrations
  • Blogs
The Lumina Bible Study Suite offered through is a robust study tool you can use through your web browser or iPhone/iPad to:
  • View the Bible text side-by-side with NET study notes, commentaries, Hebrew and Greek word studies, Strong’s Concordance references, and a searchable library of related articles—all accessible on a single screen.
  • Add, store, and share your own notes as you study. selects authors known for their accurate and truthful interpretation of the Bible. Bob Deffinbaugh, one of the BER Core Team members, has contributed hundreds of articles and in-depth exegetical studies to Among these is the series “Question and Answer with Bob Deffinbaugh,” which publicizes Bob’s answers to practical and theological questions he has received via email. receives around 60,000 visitors every day—people around the world who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions, help in preparing lessons, or Bible study resources. We hope you, too, can benefit from these free resources.