Leadership Links 4/24/2019


The secret to a fruitful Christian life (Dane Ortlund): Just as the engine must be cared for if a car is going to function well over the long haul, the heart must be cared for if we are going to flourish over the long haul. And just as the engine powers the vehicle, so the heart drives all that we do. The heart is the motivation headquarters, the central animating core of all our longings, fears, and actions. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


Together in bed, apart in soul: four steps to spiritual intimacy in marriage (Greg Morse): Satan hates our marriages because he hates what it represents: Christ’s relationship to his Bride. He means to destroy them. And if he cannot convince us into adultery or apostasy just yet, what better way to immobilize our spiritual union than to divide us? What God has joined together, Satan means to spiritually — if not physically — separate. He will not have us holding hands gazing upon the beauty of the Lord. He intends for us to live spiritually as though we had no spouse. Read more at Desiring God.


How can I explain the gospel? (Vaneetha Rendall Risner): A unique and helpful way to explain the gospel at Vaneetha.com.

When you’re sharing Jesus as an outsider (Amy Medina): American Christians, you might need to start living like missionaries. And among other things, this means that in order to be effective in evangelism, we’ve got to start by truly understanding the prevailing worldview in our culture. Instead of just frantically trying to put out the fires of abortion and sexuality and re-defined family, we’ve got to understand what’s motivating these cultural changes. And that’s going to require a study of worldview. Read more at Gil and Amy.


8 reasons church pain can be the worst pain (Chuck Lawless): If you haven’t been through church pain, you probably will. We’re all fallen people—redeemed sinners—which means we sometimes still reflect our fallenness. Church pain, though, can be some of the deepest pain. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


20 years of preaching the Bible (Mitch Chase): Some good insights from a preacher that we can learn from and resonate with. Read more at Unto Him.