Leadership Links 6/26/2019


A simple method to strengthen your prayer life (Jesse Johnson): A simple way to reignite your prayer life with a purpose. Read more at The Cripplegate.


The value of a single soul (Andrew Roycroft): In Matthew 18, the Saviour devotes extended time to the theme of the ‘little ones’ who have come to trust in him. We have lost some of the force of what he teaches in this passage because we have come to assign these words to infants – imagining that Christ’s words are most aptly applied to some of the abuse scandals that have floated to the surface of our news in recent years. Jesus, however, is not speaking here about literal children, but the little children in the faith who follow him – the vulnerable and seemingly insignificant band of believers who find their identity and their eternity in him; this exposed and fragile crew of exposed citizens, who are mere expendables to the power and might of the bigger culture. Read more at Thinking Pastorally.


The sacred weapons for spiritual warfare (Iain Duguid): According to the Bible, life is not a picnic but a battle, an armed struggle against a powerful adversary. To engage in that battle properly, we need a spiritual makeover in which our flimsy, inadequate natural attire is replaced by suitable armor and weaponry. So Paul concludes his magnificent, gospel-saturated letter to the Ephesians with a final charge to be prepared to engage with the battle of life in the right way, dressed in the armor of God. Read more at Desiring God.

Why God made your mouth (Scott Hubbard): If we’re going to steward our speech well, we need to regularly remember why God gave us words at all. Perhaps no one verse captures his purpose clearer than a command from Paul to the Ephesians. Read more at Desiring God.

No desire to read the Bible? (Wes Bredenhof):Over the years in my pastoral ministry, many people have complained to me that they do not have motivation to read the Bible.  They have a sense of duty that they should, but the desire is not there.  It is remarkable how many of those people feel that the absence of the desire is the last nail in the coffin of joyful meditation on God’s word. Read more at Yinkahdinay.

Safe to feel deeply: How the gospel redeems our feelings (Paul Miller): Jesus’s dying and rising offers sanity and stability to our emotions in at least three ways. Read more at Desiring God.


10 things the resurrection means for Christian leaders (Chuck Lawless): I know it’s not Easter season, but the glory of the resurrection is always present-tense and relevant. It’s more than just a hope in death; it’s the confidence and expectation that God gives us every day. As a leader, I often need to remind myself of these truths that arise out of the resurrection. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


For the bride set before him: The splendor of the local church (Adam Mabry): Much modern writing exposes and excoriates the problems of the church. But I want to remind you why she is beautiful, even in her brokenness. Criticism can be darkly enjoyable to write and often darkly delicious to read. But here I offer none. Instead, I offer the sadly less-familiar language of praise for the church. And I pray God gives you a momentary dispensation of grace to silence your inner cynic, critic, and skeptic long enough to join me in praise of the church that Jesus loves so much. Read more at Desiring God.

What’s your church sign for? 3 things to do–and not to do–with your roadside message (Jared C. Wilson): By now we’re all familiar with the cheesy church sign. It’s become a cliché within evangelical culture and both a laughingstock and source of endless memes in the wider world. “God answers knee-mail.” “Sign broken. Come inside for message.” “Come in for a faith lift!” There’s got to be a better way, yes? Read more at For the Church.

Christians need gospel audacity (Josh Moody): What the early church can teach us about boldness for the gospel. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


10 things to know about what the Bible teaches on God and human government (Justin Taylor): A good reminder to all of us about this important topic for today. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.