Leadership Links 7/3/2019

Where do you get your power to lead? (Brett Powell): Authentic influence is not about blind faith or mindless obedience. It’s not robotic servitude. It is wholehearted commitment rooted in the perceived sense that you are someone worth following. Read more at BrettPowell.org.

7 reasons why church leaders should memorize Scripture (Chuck Lawless): I was a young believer saved out of a non-Christian home, and the Bible was new, fresh, and alive to me then. I would be dishonest, though, to say that memorization is as easy today. I often must remind myself of why memorization matters. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

75th anniversary of the Battle of Imphal: The majority of gospel work is done by a “forgotten army” of churches and pastors (John Stevens): In a world of celebrity pastors and high-profile churches it is all too easy to feel that we are a “forgotten army” as we work away in our local church that goes unnoticed. At a human level we need to come to terms with the fact that most gospel work will always be done by a “forgotten army,” and do we do not serve to gain attention. However, we can take encouragement in our obscurity that none of our sacrifice and service in the great spiritual battle we are fighting goes unnoticed by our commanding officer. Nothing is forgotten by Jesus. In eternity our contribution will be remembered and honoured by him. There will be a great reversal when “the last shall be first and the first last.” The “forgotten army” will ultimately receive the recognition it deserves. Read more at John-Stevens.com.

3 sources of joy preaching weekly (Trevin Wax): As I reflect on the great honor I had to serve as the primary preacher in our church, I keep coming back to three main sources of joy. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

Pro-life for all: The image of God in the elderly (Sheila Dougal): What kind of gospel message are we sending to the elderly in our midst? Is it the message we hear from Scripture? From the stone-inscribed commands of God to honor our fathers and mothers (Ex 20:12), to the call on the older generation in Psalm 78, to the instruction given by the Apostle Paul (1 Tim 5, Titus 2:3-5), the heart of God for his people is to honor the generations before them, learn from them, and live in community with them in the church. God’s plan for his people to serve one another spans from infants to grey hairs. Being old does not make one irrelevant in the Kingdom of God. Read more at Morning by Morning.

The precious power of the blood: Five benefits Christ purchased for you (David Mathis): Hebrews celebrates some of the specific benefits Christians enjoy because of Jesus’s blood (Hebrews 10:19; 13:12), but it’s the apostle Paul, in particular, who celebrates the manifold grace that comes to us because of his blood. In one sense, we can connect to Jesus’s blood every divine grace that comes to us, but five times Paul makes the connection explicit, with both the mention of blood and a specific aspect of what Christ has secured for us with his death. Read more at Desiring God.

The secret to breaking free from habitual sin (Jon Bloom): We keep falling into the same sin when we fail to believe that holiness really will make us happier than giving in again. Many other factors may influence us, but at the root of habitual sin is a battle not for self-control, but for happiness. What we believe and want, deep in our hearts, really matters. Read more at Desiring God.

7 reasons why daily Bible reading matters (Chuck Lawless): Good reminder to all of us as well as our congregation why we need to be in the Bible daily. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

Lost in the land of Uz: How to read the book of Job (Desiring God): I can understand why people fight shy of chapters 3–37. How am I supposed to read the book of Job? That is our question. Here are nine guidelines. The first and last are deliberately the same. Read more at Desiring God.