Leadership Links 9/11/2019


Trusting when breathing fails (Kara Dedert): “Breath means life. Most of us are breathing anywhere from 16,000 to 23,000 times a day. It’s incredible to think how God sustains our lives, moment by moment, with the simple act of breathing. Paul writes that God doesn’t depend on us, but we on Him: ‘he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything.’” Read more at KaraDedert.com.


10 signs your church’s burden for their city is growing (Chuck Lawless): A helpful list to reflect on whether your church’s burden for the lost is increasing. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


Self-examination (Andrew Kerr): As I get ready for communion I’ve just penned a few thoughts about how to self-examine. Read more at Gentle Reformation.

Pastor, prepare your people to suffer (Andrew Weiss): Although directed to church planters this article has some good thoughts for all of is in ministry in the local church. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


8 more challenging and convicting thoughts about leaders (Chuck Lawless): Over the years, I’ve written posts about thoughts and statements I’ve learned from leaders in my life. Here are a few of those posts, followed by eight more statements that have caught my attention: Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

6 key practices of every board (Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra): Some helpful reminders here to consider even though the context is related to Christian nonprofits and seminaries. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


The devil will hang on his own gallows (Jon Bloom): At any given time, things can look very discouraging. Our vantage point is always very limited. Depending on when and where we’re living, it can appear as if satanic evil is going to defeat God’s good. But don’t lose heart. Don’t forget the storyline. There’s a bigger story playing out than just the one we’re watching. Read more at Desiring God.