Leadership Links 9/25/2019


7 things to do when your church work just hurts (Chuck Lawless): It happens to all of us in ministry at some point. The work to which we know God has called us becomes painful. Sometimes it happens because we grieve the sin of others. At other times, it happens because others wrongly accuse us of something. And, to be frank, it’s sometimes painful because others rightly point out something we need to hear. When the pain’s great, here are some steps to consider. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


5 reasons not to give announcements in a worship service (Eric Geiger): Here are five reasons announcements should be minimized or even eliminated in a church’s worship gatherings. Read more at EricGeiger.com.


12 reasons to commit to expository preaching (Jason Allen): Expository preaching is to rightly interpret and explain the text, in its context, and to bring the text to bear upon the lives of the congregants. This should be the preacher’s standard approach to the pulpit. Granted, bad sermons come in all forms, including expository, but I’m convinced biblical exposition is the healthiest and most faithful form of preaching. Why do I feel this way, you might ask? Consider with me these 12 reasons I’m committed to biblical exposition and why you should be too. Read more at Facts & Trends.


Jesus knows what to do with your apathy (Michael Kelley): What do you do with your apathy? What do you do when you know you should care, but you don’t? You invest, believing that our hearts follow our treasure. So to get our hearts in the right place, let’s make sure our treasure leads the way. Read more at MichaelKelly.co.

What’s in your soul that the gospel needs to run a sword through? (Jared Wilson): What’s in your soul that the gospel ought to run a sword through? Are you searching for pleasure and meaning in ways contrary to God’s plan? Are you trying to write the story of your own glory with your life? Are there areas of stubborn sin you have yet to attack with the power of Christ’s grace? Read more at The Gospel Coalition.