Leadership Links 10/16/2019

Leadership lessons from Chick-Fil-A (Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra): Some helpful lessons for all of us in leadership from a company infused with Christian values. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

Jesus died for sinners: do your people know what this actually means? (Conrad Mbewe): The longer I pastor, the more I’m convinced that pastors should regularly preach the unsearchable riches of Christ not only for the salvation of the lost but also for the believers’ growth in grace. But sadly, when dealing with the Savior’s work in saving us from sin, we preachers so often say very little. Because of this, something frightening happens over time: those who listen to us fill in their own meanings to the common words “Jesus died on the cross”—and those meanings can be far from what the Bible actually teaches concerning the death of Christ on the cross. Read more at ConradMbewe.com.

Brothers: We are like mothers (Erik Raymond): Nursing mothers, in their gentleness, affection, and sacrifice, beautifully reflect their creator. And in so doing are a commendable and noteworthy picture for a minister to consider. What does Paul want us to learn? He wants us to learn about gentleness, affection, and sacrifice. (Yes, if you need an acronym, GAS is easy to remember and far too easy for puns.)Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

Where did gentleness go as a pastoral virtue? (John M. Frame): I think we all know that gentleness is one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22–23. It appears again in a similar list of Christian virtues in 1 Timothy 6:11, virtues specific to Christian leadership. But gentleness is not usually one of the first qualities we look for in a pastor. In fact, I think gentleness is one of those Christian virtues that falls through the cracks when we’re evaluating ourselves and others. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

The head of the church knows best: Benefits of having a team of elders (Steve Burchett): A helpful list to remind all of us the benefits of having a plurality of elders. Read more at Christian Communications Worldwide.

Pastor: You can’t be all things to all people (David Horner): Leaders in the body of Christ are first and foremost called to be servant leaders. Those who haven’t learned to be servants can expect only limited effectiveness in providing spiritual leadership to any group of believers. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

11 reasons why you need to belong to a church (Peter Adam): Some good reasons to share with those who are dragging their feet in becoming members. Read more at The Gospel Coalition Australia.

8 signs of true repentance (Jennifer Greenberg): There are stubborn sinners who refuse to apologize, liars who claim to be sorry when they’re not, and hypocrites who may truly believe they’re sorry yet lack sympathy or understanding of biblical repentance. So what are the attributes of genuine repentance? Here are eight signs I’ve gleaned, from life and from God’s Word. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


The lure of androgyny (Mary Eberstadt): Androgyny is in, and this article attempts to get to the bottom of it. “Here’s one thesis: The new androgyny is not incidental to the collapse of family and community. To the contrary, the new androgyny is being driven by the collapse of family and community.” Read more at Commentary Magazine.