Leadership Links 11/13/2019


3 blind spots of the young Christian leader (Steve Bang Lee): Here are three blind spots young leaders are particularly susceptible to—ones I’ve discovered from experience. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


28 biblical reasons to go to church (Tim Arndt): Something to remind your church members why skipping Sunday is something they should think twice about for themselves and their families. Read more at Allendale Baptist Church.


9 things happen when a pastor’s heart beats for missions (Chuck Lawless): A good checklist to measure our commitment to global missions. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

How to pray for unbelieving family members (William Philip): Our God is the God who, while he is fulfilling his relentless eternal plan and purpose for the salvation of the entire cosmos, has both the time and the wonderful inclination to show extraordinary kindness and care for ordinary, “unimportant” families! And surely that is what must give us the confidence to come to him in prayer for our families, however ordinary and unimportant we may feel we are. So, here are some things we can perhaps think about as we seek to do that. Read more at Crossway.


Give them something to eat (Peter Bogert): When you preach or teach this weekend you are insufficient in yourself for the task. We are only sufficient through Christ. But the good news is that through Christ we are sufficient. And through our feeble efforts Jesus will feed his people. Read more at For Younger Pastors.


6 kinds of church members who build up the church (Chopo Mwamza): Healthy local churches make a powerful and attractive testimony to a watching world. This means that every member has to be devoted to building others up. Read more at 9 Marks.

4 members that tear down the church (Chopo Mwamza):What kind of members wound our witness? What kind of members do not build up the body of Christ? Consider these four. Read more at 9 Marks.

How to convince people to get involved in small groups (Ed Stetzer): With so many demands on our lives and limited time available to satisfy them all, small groups can easily get lost in the shuffle. We must be intentional in how we lead our congregations in order to shape a culture of small-group involvement. Here are three tips on how to build that culture. Read more at EdStetzer.com.


How did Jesus suffer eternal punishment in only 3 hours? (Andrew Menkis): First, sin against God demands eternal punishment (Matt. 18:8; 2 Thess. 1:9; Rev. 14:11; 20:10). Second, Jesus died, was buried, and rose on the third day. He wasn’t punished forever. He’s no longer experiencing God’s wrath. He’s seated at the right hand of God the Father (Heb. 9:25–26). These twin truths raise the question: How did Jesus receive the full punishment for sin (eternal damnation) if he didn’t suffer eternally? To answer it, we must ask four additional questions that get at the logic of the atonement. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

Will there be rodents and insects in heaven? (Randy Alcorn): …asking how rats and spiders and insects could possibly be on the New Earth is like asking how they possibly could have been in Eden. The point is, they were, and it didn’t diminish Eden, but somehow enhanced it. We’ve never seen rodents and insects as they once were, and as they yet will be. Read more at Eternal Perspective Ministries.


8 signs your Christianity is too comfortable (Brett McCracken): In many parts of the world today, it can be easy to live a comfortable life as a Christian. But is that a good thing? I’d like to suggest that the Christian faith is inherently uncomfortable. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.