Help Us Make Disciples of All Nations

Globally, an overwhelming 95 percent of pastors have had no formal training, according to an estimate by The Joshua Project.

The majority of churches worldwide lack the training resources they need to develop a healthy leadership team, which is essential for the strength and effectiveness of the local church.

Alex Strauch’s book Biblical Eldership has been used around the world to promote eldership as the biblical ideal for church leadership. But convincing churches of the need for a more biblical and superior leadership model is not enough. Church leaders need training materials to help them achieve their goals.

BER’s extensive training content is available online at, free of charge. But it all needs to be translated and contextualized into other languages to benefit churches in countries where the need is even greater.

Our online training program, the School of the Shepherds (SOTS), consists of six courses that can be used as a core component in preparing men to become elders. And elders can use this to train men right in the local church.

We encourage you to make full use of these resources and to make them known to others. And if you believe this is a worthy biblical effort, we would appreciate your prayers and financial support. Several projects are awaiting funding. We are currently working in Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi, Arabic, and Swahili, and we have had requests for Portuguese. Progress on all these depends on the Lord’s gifts through his people. Would you prayerfully ask God to raise up those who share our vision and can help us with the costs?

Our prayer is that God may use Biblical Eldership Resources to strengthen His church in this coming year, both in yours and the church around the world, as He supplies our needs.

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