Leadership Links 3/3/2020


How do we make sense of the coronavirus? (John Piper): Wise words in helping our people put this in perspective from the Word of God. Listen to the interview or read the transcript at Desiring God.

Polyamory and the Overton window (Denny Burk): This widening of what evangelicals will tolerate as plausibly Christian is how false teaching often advances through the movement. It’s why what was unthinkable to me ten years ago (that evangelicals might give up ground on homosexuality) is now very much “thinkable.” And I believe that same sort of broadening of the Window is still happening now, but now it’s not just homosexuality that is at issue. Read more at The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Are we living out Romans 1? Blessing and curse in a post-Obergefell world (Rosaria Butterfield): Like a fatigued mountaineer plunging headfirst off of a snowy summit loses his grip on which way is up, so too, fallen man rails against the creation ordinance. In blindness and sin, he rejects one man and one woman coming together in a fruitful biblical marriage. Not diverse enough, he says in the face of God’s judgment. Read more on Desiring God.


8 things that keep young people in church (Chuck Lawless): It’s no secret that many college-age students who were raised in church drop out once they’re on their own. On the other hand, some churches have done a good job of keeping and reaching this group. Here’s what I see that keeps young people in church. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

When church gets real (Trevin Wax): If we want to be real and authentic, we must stand by our convictions without wavering, without backing down in light of cultural opposition. What the world needs is not a church that will provide a mere echo of our times but a church filled with people of conviction, who are gripped by a message from above. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


Above reproach: the first requirement for Christian leaders (David Mathis): This much, and more, Christ requires of formal leaders in his church. It is inevitably a public calling, in the church and beyond. And so, for the good of the flock, and the good of the gospel in the world, Christ through his apostle bids us to appoint pastors and deacons whose lives are exemplary. They are to be “above reproach.” No reasonable or founded blame or reproach can be leveled against them, as they happily, and undistractingly, lock arms with a team of pastors to care well for the whole of the flock. Read more at Desiring God.


5 things forgiveness is not (Brad Hambrick): Some important insights as we teach on forgiving others. Read more at BradHambrick.com.


4 lies that keep us from prayer (Scott Hubbard): Those who would devote themselves to prayer must be prepared, as Jesus was, to say no to a dozen second-best opportunities (at least for the moment). Those who follow Jesus in such obedience exchange self-sufficiency for dependence on our Father, superficial busyness for genuine productivity, the tyranny of the urgent for the governance of the Spirit. Read more at Desiring God.


Brothers, preach your heart out no matter how few people are in the room (Tim Count): “God’s job is to worry about the number of sheep. Your job is to feed the sheep.” Read more at 9 Marks.

4 reasons why we should preach hard texts (John Piper): It might be tempting to skip over those texts. Instead, here are four reasons John Piper provides for preaching hard texts in his book. Read more at Facts & Trends.