Leadership Links 3/25/2020


20 prayers to pray during this pandemic (Jen Pollock Michel): A comprehensive guide for prayer not only for you but for others.  Read more at Christianity Today.

In the Covid 19 crisis: 10 prayers I need to pray more (Chuck Lawless): This coronavirus crisis has been challenging to everyone. As I think about my community in Wake Forest, NC, I’m reminded that I need to pray for these needs—needs for which I don’t pray enough. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


How the world worshiped this past Sunday (Tim Challies): Tim Challies asked for feedback from around the world to document worship experiences in light of the pandemic. What he got was a fascinating and encouraging response. Read more at Challies.


Love in an economic crisis (Justin Lonas): Following public-health guidelines and reducing exposure for the sake of the elderly and immunocompromised members of our churches and communities is a vital part of loving our neighbors in this season. However, all those activities that we’re rightly refraining from to stay physically healthy—such as attending school, dining out, taking vacations, or attending conferences, concerts, or sporting events—have immediate and downstream effects on our economic health. Calls for vigorous action here are not the same as panic. They may actually be its exact opposite. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

The humbling of civilization: Praying for the mercy of God (Albert Mohler): We are witnessing at this very moment the humbling of a civilization that believed itself to be in control of the world—impervious to this kind of threat.When the headlines first appeared about the coronavirus, most of us never considered that we would face such a time as this. We thought humanity was merely facing just another close call. But this is no close call. This is a full-on pandemic of epic proportions. Read more at AlbertMohler.com.

How a “you do you” culture has made us vulnerable to the coronavirus (Michael J. Kruger): Excellent insight as to the pandemic and what it reveals about our hearts as a nation. Read more at MichaelJKruger.com.

Practice hospitality. Especially during the pandemic (Rosaria Butterfield): Although these were clearly extraordinary times—I twice disinfected doorknobs, bathrooms, light switches, and all surfaces that didn’t have a cat sleeping on them—my doorbell continued to ring. Homeless dogs, college students, and neighbors with pressing needs stood on the porch like it was any other Saturday. But the pandemic had displaced them (some physically, some emotionally), and a single question filled the six feet between us: “How does this change things? What does radical, Christian hospitality look like under COVID-19?” Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


9 evidences that we preachers have made preaching an idol (Chuck Lawless): The idea for this post came from Lewis Allen’s book, The Preacher’s Catechism, where Allen lists the first three signs of preaching idolatry listed below. At the same time, my lack of preaching opportunities during the current COVID-19 threat has forced me to evaluate my own heart. Thus, the remaining evidences of preaching idolatry are my own suggestions. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.