Leadership Links 4/14/2020


Do we really want to go back to normal? (Trevin Wax): It’s natural to long for normalcy during a trial that doesn’t seem to have an end date. But the truth is, whatever will become “normal” on the other side of the coronavirus crisis will not be the old normal. It will be something new. We are not going back. So here’s the question I hope we will begin to ask instead: Do we really want to go back to normal? Was the old normal good? Were we really flourishing in the old normal? Was the old normal spiritually healthy? Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


4 priority shifts your church must make during Covid 19 (Josh King): If you’re stumbling through ministry life like you were just punched in the gut, you’re not alone. And if you’re trying to breathe and see as clearly as possible through watering eyes, welcome to the club. I can’t imagine any church leader would say that ministry in early April 2020 is the same as it was in April 2019. Now that the smoke has cleared a little, ministries have developed rhythms and patterns they’re leading with. Like you, I’ve learned some things about ministering in our new, hopefully temporary, normal. Here are a few of the necessary ministry shifts my church has made in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more at Facts & Trends.


10 ways Easter changes everything (Matthew S. Harmon): At first, it can seem like to claim that the resurrection changes everything is an example of hype, but as you read the Bible and you understand all that flows out of Jesus’s resurrection, it is no exaggeration to say that Jesus rising from the dead literally changes everything. Read more at Desiring God.

A strong conscience or immaturity? (Sam Parkison): A thought-provoking article about being influenced by our culture. Read more at For the Church.

8 blessings of brokenness under God’s hand (Chuck Lawless): What one ministry leader learned from brokenness. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.