Leadership Links 4/21/2020


15 signs of leadership fatigue (Chuck Lawless): Given the stress many church leaders are under during this COVID-19 crisis, I’m updating and reposting this word from 2015 to encourage each of us to be aware of leadership fatigue. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


Sanctification in quarantine (Glenna Marshall): God is always doing a million things at once, but surely one of the things He’s doing is propping open my eyelids and helping me see what I cover with busyness during “normal” times. He’s helping me see my selfishness. It’s hard and painful. Remove the periphery from your line of vision and you see what’s what in your heart. All this stripping away is a sorting of my affections. Read more at GlennaMarshall.com.

Context matters: Apart from me you can do nothing (Ryan Higginbottom): Apart from Jesus we can do nothing. When we read this verse in context we see that Jesus is not primarily warning against self-reliance nor dismissing the contributions of non-Christians. Yes, he is drawing a sharp line between those who follow him and those who do not. But this is a call to life. Those connected to the vine are animated by the life-giving Spirit, and they are fruit-bearing by nature. Apart from the vine, there is no nutrition, no life, no fruit. Read more at Knowable Word.

5 post-lockdown regrets (Peter Mead): Some wise words not only for church leaders but for our people as well. Read more at Biblical Preaching.


Don’t try to put out every brush fire (H.B. Charles, Jr.): Don’t try to put out every brush fire that sparks up. Some things will put themselves out if you just leave it alone. Of course, this is not always the course that should be taken. There are 2 Corinthians moments in ministry when you are compelled to defend your authenticity and credibility. Wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to hold your peace, when to move and when to keep still. But these hills to die on are few and far between. Read more at For the Church.


Life together when you can’t be together (Jared Wilson): Most of us acknowledge that live streaming services and Zooming small groups are no real replacement for “the real thing.” And yet there is one thing we are not stopped from doing even now: encouraging each other with the goodness of grace. We can continue to do that—and we should—through as many avenues as we can. And right now, as we begin to feel our weakness and our loneliness more keenly, it is even more pressing that we meet each other, even if online, not with shallow pick-me-ups and moralistic pep talks but with the power of the gospel. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


6 ways to do evangelism during times of social distancing (Chuck Lawless): The Great Commission continues to be our marching orders despite these ongoing weeks of social distancing. Here are some ways for us to continue to do personal evangelism—or perhaps begin to do evangelism—in these days. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


Some theological reflections on Christ and Covid-19 (Josh Moody): Like you, I have seen a number of different theological comments about COVID-19. Why did it happen? Why did God allow it to happen? What sort of answer might Christians have to this crisis? Perhaps also like you, I have not found any of the theological reflections particularly satisfying. People seem to be operating out of their already-existing theological grids—their “agenda,” if we wish to be blunt—and wheeling out that set of categories and applying them to this situation. Read more at God Centered Life.