What is Biblical Eldership Resources? Overview and Curriculum Comparison

Watch the video to see what you might be missing, and share it with your friends who might benefit from our resources.

The training material on BiblicalEldership.com is organized in two different ways:

  • The Effectiveness section of the website has 200+ free videos with outlines and discussion questions. Use them at random and at your own pace—there’s no cost or commitment.
  • The six-course School of the Shepherds (SOTS) online curriculum combines some of the Effectiveness material with exclusive new material. With progress tracking, graded quizzes, and completion certificates, it encourages commitment—perfect for formal leadership, missionary, and local church elder training.
Here’s how they compare:


Effectiveness SOTS
# of courses 6
# of lessons > 200 60
Video & audio lectures
Lecture & detailed outlines
Discussion questions
Progress tracking
Quizzes & grading
Course leader tools
Completion certificates
Cost Free $25 per course