Leadership Links 4/28/2020


Why gather? Thinking about gathering when churches can’t (Matt Merker): With Covid-19 causing churches to put public gatherings on hold, it seems like a good time to consider why Christians prioritize gathering in the first place. After all, many believers have turned to various forms of technology to encourage one another during this unusual season. We can pray for one another over the phone. We can host virtual Bible studies on Zoom. Pastors can email filmed teaching sessions to their members. Read more at 9 Marks.

Preparing your church to reopen (Trevin Wax): Across the country, state governments are setting dates for re-opening businesses and other parts of the economy in phases. What will church life look like during this “in-between” season? What is involved with reopening the church and gathering for worship? Here are four suggestions for pastors and church leaders thinking about how best to minister in the months ahead. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

20 questions your church should answer before people return to church (Ken Braddy): Some good questions that we as church leaders need to consider before we gather together again. Read more at KenBraddy.com.

11 ways we might all be different when we gather again as congregations (Chuck Lawless): We’re all looking forward to the day when we’re past this COVID-19 crisis enough that our churches can worship together again. None of us can know for certain how we’ll be different when that happens, but here are some of my guesses. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


Americans continue to redefine and reject biblical view of God (Adam Ford): This Barna survey reinforces what most of us know already. Read more at Disrn.