Reopening Your Church: Things to Consider

If only reopening our churches were as simple as unlocking the front doors!

As you wrestle with your church’s reopening decisions, consider the perspectives in the articles below.

5 reasons your church members are disagreeing about when to regather

“We are hearing from pastors and other church leaders about members who have divergent opinions on the timing for regathering the in-person services . . . It might be helpful, however, to understand the reasons behind the disagreements.” Read more from Thom Rainer at Church Answers.

Do I have to wear a mask at church? Wrong question

“Will I be asked to wear a mask when we gather again for worship even if I don’t think it is necessary? Will I be able to sing again in a choir or even congregationally? Will I have to social distance from others even though I need to hug everyone? . . . [E]ven though these questions might be pressing, they are the wrong questions to ask first.” Read more from David W. Manner at Worship Evaluation.

Peacemaking in the church: Covid 19 and conscience

“[W]e need to do our best to calibrate our conscience to match God’s will . . . there is truth inside the Bible and truth outside of the Bible. Wisdom would have us respond differently if Covid had a mortality rate of 0.1% versus 20%. How we love our neighbor will look different in different situations.” Read more from Peter John Louie at Be Reconciled.

12 reflections from pastors whose churches have regathered for worship

“More and more churches are returning to in-person worship. As I’ve talked with pastors who’ve led their church’s re-gathering process, here are some of the reflections I’ve heard.” Read more from Chuck Lawless at

Why humility and faith are especially important right now

“So, what are we going to do if the governor says that we cannot return to public services for weeks or even months from now? What if he says we can’t sing together when we do return, or pass communion trays or offering plates? . . . The answer is as clear as a bell. We are going to humbly and joyfully submit to the leadership God has given us.” Read more from Steve Viars on the Faith Church blog.

Church: Don’t let the coronavirus divide

“Whatever opinions church leaders themselves have on the matter of reopening, they should take time to humbly hear the voices of others—perhaps convening forums of various stakeholders within the church, as well as other church and government leaders in their area. Church members should likewise model Christlike humility (e.g., Phil. 2:3) in how they react to the plans outlined by leaders, even if they don’t agree with every aspect of it.” Read more from Brett McCracken at The Gospel Coalition.

Three thoughts on navigating potential conflict in reopening the church

“Truly, there remains in the world a constant threat to the health of churches and the safety of its members. It easily spreads through human interactions, sometimes so easily and subtly that no one notices its transference. Only one church member may be infected, but if churches aren’t careful, that one member can spread this deadly illness to every member in a matter of moments . . . I’m not talking about COVID-19, I’m talking about selfish ambition.” Read more from Jared Poulton at Growing in the Gospel.

What your church must know before reopening your building 

Lifeway provides a free church survey to poll your people in regards to re-opening the church. Read more from Aaron Earls at Facts & Trends.

Guidelines for re-opening and returning to church buildings: