Leadership Links 6/24/2020


8 reasons churches don’t do evangelism well (Chuck Lawless): Some valid reasons we may need to address as church leaders concerning the lack of effort evangelistically. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.


Hope that doesn’t disappoint (Sarah Frazer): How do we maintain hope when life has let us down again and again? The answer is found in Romans 5:1–5. Read more at Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

Groaning, Waiting, Hoping: How to live in a fallen, fragile world (Jon Bloom): The world labors under a profound and horrible brokenness. I hear its groaning and groan with it to the One who created it. But there is hope in this groaning, for the world’s Creator is also its Redeemer, and he has promised that something greater than Eden is coming. Read more at Desiring God.


Supreme Court: Employment law protects sexual orientation and gender identity (Joe Carter): There are at least three reasons Christians should be concerned about this court ruling that the term “sex” covers gender identity and sexual orientation. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

Bostock is as bad as you think (Andrew Walker): Because we believe that Christ is the ultimate Lord and Judge of history, Christians reject all forms of fear and panic, but that should not stop us from being honest about the bleak future awaiting religious liberty. Read more at Christianity Today.

Just how secular should America be? (Russell Moore): Monday’s Supreme Court decision on sex discrimination was a blow for religious freedom. That’s a problem — for both sides. Read at the New York Times (with a subscription).


Racial crisis is a result of the failure of the church to deal with racism (Tony Evans): We are in the middle of multiple, simultaneous pandemics. COVID-19 has created a medical pandemic, while recent racially motivated violence has kick-started a cultural pandemic and the devolution of our society. But amid all of this, it is obvious we are in a spiritual pandemic. Read more at Dallas News.