Leadership Links 7/1/2020


The right-now blessings of the kingdom of God (Ryan Higginbottom): Christians have a sure hope of heaven. Because Jesus has paid for our sin and we have received his righteousness, we are children of God who will be with our Father forever. That’s wonderful! But, some might ask, what’s in it for me now? Though most Christians don’t ask this question in polite company, many have wondered. Aren’t there some tangible, present-time benefits of being a Christian? Or must we wait entirely for heaven? Read more at A Small Work.


7 reasons the enemy seeks to create division (Chuck Lawless): The process of re-opening society and re-gathering as churches has been filled with questions and anxieties – and, I’m learning as I speak with church leaders, divisive conversations in some congregations. Must we wear masks or not? Should we sing? Should we be gathering at all yet? Or, why did we ever stop gathering in the first place? This reality shouldn’t surprise us. While division may at times be necessary for the sake of the gospel, much division is nothing less than a tool of the enemy – the one who enticed Adam to blame Eve in the Garden of Eden. Here are some reasons division is one of the enemy’s primary strategies—and why we must guard against it. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

Conflict isn’t always bad (Tony Merida): I take no delight in conflict. Like many others, I prefer peace, unity, and harmony in my relationships. But due to the fallenness of this world, conflict is inevitable (Gen. 3–4).  But this doesn’t mean we’re hopeless. All conflicts don’t have to end in division, rage, or murder. They can lead to positive change. In a day when many are broken by these contemporary conflicts, we need to lift our heads and realize conflict isn’t always a bad thing. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.


Keep witnessing. God’s still pursuing (Becky Pippert): Our culture is said to be post-Christian—not merely not Christian, but increasingly set against Christianity. More and more, we’re in danger of losing confidence that talking about Jesus will have any impact. Yet our secular society leaves people searching for something that gives meaning and purpose to their lives. Yes, these can be difficult times to “stay salt” and to keep sharing the reason for our hope—but these are also the best times to be a witness, because the need is so great. Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

7 scriptural prayers for the lost: Do you ever find yourself asking God to “just save all the lost people”? If you have ever wanted to have some specific, biblical ways to pray for those who are still lost in darkness, here are seven simple ways to posture yourself before the Father and ask for Him to move. Read more at Harvest Prayer Ministries.