Leadership Links 7/29/2020


The lost art of male and female (Greg Morse): When we flatten distinctions between men and women we strike at the heart of the created order. Unable to rip the stars from the sky, cover the land with sea, or snuff out the sun and moon, Satan asks, “Male and female? Did God really say?” Read more at Desiring God.


Four sources of discord in your church (Tim Challies): Every church is at every time in danger. Every church is in danger of disruption and disunity when Christian turns on Christian or Christian turns away from Christian. In Paul’s letter to Titus he offers four sources of discord and warns us to avoid them (“But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.”). Here, for your consideration, are four sources of disunity that may just exist in your church. Read more at Challies.


There is a fountain filled with blood: costly effective beautiful forgiveness (Greg Morse): Christianity is unlike anything man can imagine on his own. It is perhaps natural to imagine a religion that functions like a swimming pool — a hobby that may have benefits, but of course, swimming is not for everyone. Others might conceive of religion as a medicinal pool used to strengthen people who have sprained their hope and need some rehab to get them back on their feet. But Christianity is different. It is not primarily a swimming pool to enjoy nor a hot tub to fix a midlife crisis. Christianity is about a pool filled with blood. It is graphic. It is gory. It is not a pristine pond found next to our manicured lawns. It is a crimson tide in which we must be submerged. Read more at Desiring God.


12 questions I ask myself (Chuck Lawless): I believe regular, honest self-assessment is important for leaders. I don’t always ask myself all these questions in a structured, formal way, but they always linger in the air for me. Without fanfare or commentary, here are some questions I ask myself. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

Pruning (Andrea Sandborn): Covid 19 has swept through our world and our lives like a pruning knife, cutting out large portions of things we thought we couldn’t live without. Pruning doesn’t just trim away the excess and the dead; it gouges to the heart of the flourishing, a harsh process designed to bring forth future abundance. But for now, our branches are bare. We feel stripped. Read more at AndreaSandborn.com.

The state of glory (Sinclair Ferguson): Scripture has much to say about it. Some of its teaching can be summarized, perhaps appropriately, under seven headings. Read more at Tabletalk Magazine.

What sin will never quench (Jon Bloom): One of the wonderful things Scripture teaches us is that turning away from evil is not, at its essence, mastering a long list of bad things to stop doing and good things to start doing. Rather, at its essence, God is inviting us to abandon what will ultimately impoverish us and increase our misery, and to choose instead what will ultimately enrich us and increase our joy. Read more at Desiring God.


Why are there fewer miracles today? (Tim Chester): No one has switched God off. Modern humanity has not closed the doors of the world, leaving God on the outside, unable to get in. So can we expect miracles to happen in the way they did during the ministry of Jesus and the apostles? Read more at The Good Book.