About This Ministry

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote biblical eldership for the glory of God by providing teaching, resources, training and mentoring for current and future church leaders who will implement, practice, teach and train others in biblical eldership as the model for church leadership.

In other words, we are equiping one generation of elders to equip the next generation of elders who will in turn equip the following generation.

What We Believe About Church Leadership

The Bible teaches that the local church should be led by a team of biblically qualified men called elders, who while being different in gifting are equal in authority, serving as under-shepherds of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our chief or senior Shepherd.

Global Ministry

Believing the biblical model is universal, adaptable and sustainable, this ministry has been designed for use globally. We are developing regional teams and representatives for adapting and translating the BER material for use among various people groups. The Lord is opening doors around the world.

Training Provided

Key to this ministry is this interactive BER website (www.BiblicalEldership.com). We provide biblical teaching on eldership as God’s design for church leadership, along with practical guidelines for implementing biblical eldership. Our extensive effectiveness curriculum is designed to help existing elders function more effectively as shepherds of God’s flock, and to assist in the training of potential new elders and leaders.

The curriculum is laid out in short (15 minute or less) presentations (video/audio/written), along with outlines. Review and discussion questions are also provided, along with application assignments. These can be studied individually, in mentoring environments, or in a group study. BER also provides a one-year intensive elder training program, seminars, conferences, webinars and speakers for leadership events.

Who Will Benefit From BER?

This resource will benefit elders, leaders and potential leaders. Although geared toward church leaders, this material can benefit anyone with a desire to grow in their Christian walk.