Regional Reps

We have BER representatives and teams forming around the world. Contact the one in your area for more information or if you would like to be involved:

Hispanic World

John E. Field

John was born and raised in a Christian family and at the early age of 11 accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. He is married to Teresa and has two children, Cynthia and Kevin; a son in law, Javier; and two granddaughters, Matilda and Anna. He studied and graduated in marketing, and worked for several national and international businesses both in advertising and commercial positions. Since youth, he has been an active member in the different churches he attended, serving mostly as a Bible teacher, young people’s leader, Sunday School coordinator, and preacher of the Word. John completed a four-year Bible course in the Jorge Müller Bible Institute in Buenos Aires. For over 10 years John has been collaborating in translating Elders’ ShopNotes into Spanish and has shown a great interest in the eldership subject. As of 2016, John took the responsibility of coordinating and leading a team for the Spanish version of Biblical Eldership Resources. John was born and has always lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Trinidad and Tobago

Gabriel HyacinthGabriel Hyacinth

Gabriel was born in Trinidad, West Indies. He grew up in a Christian home and was born again at the age of 15. He has served as an elder at Maranatha Gospel Hall, Trinidad, and at Bethany Chapel, Brooklyn, NY. He holds an M.Ed. (University of the West Indies) and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology (Caribbean Graduate School of Theology). Brother Hyacinth conducts marriage and family seminars and ministers at camps and conferences in Trinidad and the Caribbean. He is Regional Director (Trinidad) for Emmaus Correspondence Ministries and Coordinator of Faith Bible Institute, Trinidad, West Indies. Gabriel and his wife, Gemma, have three adult children and three grandchildren.


Asia-Pacific Region

Robert QuayRobert Quay

Robert Quay is a member of Jalan Imbi Chapel (JIC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He served in the leadership for 35 years and retired in August 2009 as an elder. He has been involved in numerous ministries of the church since joining JIC as a youth in 1965. His gifting is in the areas of teaching, preaching, training, and church administration. He preaches regularly in the Klang Valley assemblies and churches and was actively involved in the ministry of evangelism for his church. He is currently the Executive Director of Oikos Ministries Trust, where he is involved in evangelism and teaching. He worked with Malaysia Airlines for 29 years, responsible for flight crew safety training, until his retirement in 2004.



Rod Jones

Rod Jones was born in D.R. Congo to missionary parents. He put his faith in Christ as a child and lived in central Africa until the age of 18, when he moved to Scotland to study engineering. This led to employment in this field for several years, firstly in Scotland then via California to South Africa. Subsequently he studied at London School of Theology, where he made his first links with Italy, and it was there he met his wife, Debora. He moved to Naples in 1986 to serve full time in church planting, Bible teaching, and training. Since then, he has been continually engaged in this service with Debora and is committed to the development of the next generation of those serving Christ’s people. He and Debora have two sons.



Marco Vedder

Marco grew up in a family where he saw the reality of God in his parents’ life. From a very young age he started to follow the Lord for himself. After enjoying the learning and serving opportunities in his mature local church and youth group till the age of 20, he joined a church planting work in a new place in Germany while doing his nursing training at the same time. After five years he and his wife Stefanie were released to start work as nurse and Bible teacher in the southern part of D.R.Congo (then Zaire). Due to the civil war they went for a one-year church-based training course in Austria, after which the Lord guided them to support a group of 60 newly planted churches in Northern Province of Zambia. Marco’s main focus was the development of various trainings and a training facility for the long-term stability of this new work. Since coming back to Germany in 2011 his main work consists of serving churches around the country with teaching and development of training. To this effect he, with some other brothers, is responsible for the website (“healthy churches”), which will now (as of March 2019) also be promoting the material of Biblical Eldership Resources. Marco and his wife have four children and serve the Lord in various capacities in the Christian Fellowship Bad Kissingen.


Asia-Pacific Region

Chris Leong

Chris Leong has been in full-time ministry for more than 35 years, having served as missionary, Bible School lecturer, counselor, church planter and pastor. He is a the founding pastor-elder of Antioch Network Community, a thriving network of house churches, which is a part of the Brethren Assemblies. He holds a BSc from UM & a Master in Christian Studies from Regent College. He has a son, daughter in law and two twin grandsons, and a daughter. All three (son, daughter in law and daughter) are long term missionaries.