Articles by Chuck Gianotti

8 Suggestions for Improving a Mega-Church

A Model to Follow

Accepting Criticism

Avoiding the Crack Up of Fellowship

Beating the Joy-Sappers

Being Elder or Doing Elder?

Elder, Encourage Thyself

Elders and Their Children

Elders and Women

Encouraging the Sick

Excellence in Preaching

Getting the Most from a Sermon

Going Deeper with People

Going for the Glory?

Guarding Your Heart & Eyes

Handling Handouts

Honoring the Other Guys

Honoring Widows

Hospital Visitation

How to Choose a Church

How to Leave a Church

Humbleness: An Example


Internet Accountability

Leading from the Heart

Leading by Faith

Letting Go of Criticism

One-Minute Shepherding


Paul’s Final Message

Personal Character

Shepherding the Sick

So What? – Teaching Application

Spiritual Fingertips

Studies in 1 Timothy

Taking Breaks

Tell Me Again, Why Am I an Elder?

The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

The Heart of a Shepherd

Visionary Eldership

When Elders Disagree

Why People Resist Change

Wise Leading