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Download the free mobile app for your iOS or Android mobile device. This app contains in condensed form the qualifications for elders of a local church as outlined in the New Testament. (For the same content in book form, visit our BER store for “Spiritual Maturity: Based on Elder Qualifications.”)

Many have recognized that these qualifications are listed elsewhere in Scripture as standards for Christian maturity. What makes them unique for elders is that they are collected in a variety of lists in Scripture targeted for elders. In essence, the qualifications represent the standard of spiritual maturity that all Christians should strive to attain. Anyone wanting to grow spiritually would be well-served to study the picture of maturity found in the elder qualifications.

Read what one of our app developers said about this:

As a parent and while  traveling for work I use the app quite often just as a means for a quiet time.  It provides a topical quiet time for leadership qualities.  Always seems to address an aspect of leadership I’m struggling with whether it be as a parent or at work. Bob G.

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(Or search in the iTunes App store (“Eldership” or “Elder Qualification”) or the Android/Google Play store (“Biblical Eldership Qualifications”).