Daily in-depth
Expositional meditations
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Great for busy elders!

Simple devotionals are not meaty enough, but reading commentaries can be exhausting and too academic for daily readings. BUT …

E-Med(itations) get you into the Word …
on a daily basis!

E-Meds combine exposition, reflection, questions and applications for you to consider, enjoy and springboard into worship.

Each E-Med, written by BER team member Chuck Gianotti, will be sent directly to your email inbox, 5 mornings per week. These cover a whole book of the Bible, a major section of Scripture or a particular topic — in one year! For example, we went through the book of Hebrews at a digestible rate of a few verses per day, covering the entire book in one year!

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To learn more about E-Med(itations) click here.

You can get E-Meds in book form (called the “Day by Day” series), go to the BER online store.

The series, Day by Day, is an excellent resource for elders, ministry leaders, and busy Christians who want to develop a steady diet of God’s Word. It is a daily devotional that goes below the surface and takes the reader through brief expositions covering whole sections of Scripture. With a balanced mixture of theological thought, devotional application, and consistent time in the Word, you will be blessed and encouraged in your daily walk. I highly recommend this series by Chuck Gianotti, for your devotional reading and meditation in the Word.  Alexander Strauch, author of Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership.