Preparation Program

Series: Premarriage and Weddings
Presenter: Bob Deffinbaugh

This series of message provide teaching and insights into how an elder can approach pre-marital counseling and performing weddings. Part 1 of 3.

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Discuss It

  1. Name three of the reasons for having a pre-marriage preparation program that you think are the most important. Why did you choose those three?
  2. The speaker says pre-marital counseling can provide a valuable opportunity for evangelism. Why is this? How would you handle a situation where one of the individuals becomes a Christian during pre-marital counseling? Should you go ahead and marry them or not? What if the other partner feigns becoming a Christian?
  3. How valuable would it be to have a 6 or 12-month check up with the couple after they are married? What kinds of things or questions would be good to discuss with them at that time?

Apply It

  1. Do a survey of at least three others who have performed pre-marital counsel to find out what resources they use.

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