Routine Shepherding 1

Series: Routine Shepherding
Presenter: Chuck Gianotti

In this four part series, Chuck Gianotti looks at the importance of personal shepherding of God’s people and shares some practical ideas on how to do it effectively.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What is one of the common concerns the speaker hears from people about elders?
“They don’t seem to care about me.”
2. What is the best way to know your congregation?
Spending personal time with them, listening.
3. What are the limitations of using online social media exclusively for shepherding people?
It lacks the personal, physical presence that is necessary for human community. Disembodied relationships are missing something huge.

Discuss It

  1. Describe a time when an elder visited you. How did you feel, what did it accomplish?
  2. How can it be helpful to read up on the characteristics of the various groupings: Baby boomers, Gen X’ers, etc.?
  3. How can the online social media be a help in shepherding people?

Apply It

  1. Visit someone in person this week that you have never visited before. This can be at a coffee shop, in their home, in your home. Talk about what interests them. Pray with them.

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