Same-Sex Attraction – Pastoral 3

Series: Same-Sex Attraction - Pastoral
Presenter: Ben Mathew

The elders need to be prepared to teach and counsel concerning same-sex attraction and relationships. This four part series gives insights into the struggle of homosexuality, and what we can say to and how we should treat those struggling with this issue in their lives.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What are some key questions that an individual struggling with same-sex attraction will probably ask during this process?
How did this come about? Why did this happen to me? What is my worth? Am I the only one that struggles with this?
2. Moving forward, in what two main areas does the struggling individual have choices to make?
They have a choice in their sexual actions and their sexual acceptance.
3. In what area do they have little to no choice?
They have little to no choice in their sexual attractions.

Discuss It

  1. The speaker says we need to help the struggling individual realize they are more than their attractions, and he lists some things that give the individual identity. The most important is that their identity is found in Christ. What are some Scriptures that address this concept?
  2. Do you agree that people have little or no choice in their sexual attractions? Explain why you think as you do about this? On what basis do you hold that viewpoint?

Apply It

  1. Consider your own sexual-experience background. Were there any same-sex experiences or observations during your childhood that may be affecting your attitude toward sexuality?
  2. Are you struggling with same-sex attraction? If so, it is important that you begin to be honest with yourself and to seek the counsel of godly Christians. Talk with your elders or a professional Christian counselor and begin the trek toward spiritual wholeness and openness before the Lord.

Digging Deeper

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