Same-Sex Attraction Resources

Series: Same-Sex Attraction
Presenter: Ben Mathew

Elders need to be up to date on solid teaching and perspectives about same-sex attractions. Here is a list of key resources relative to homosexuality and the church.

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Digging Deeper

General Works on Homosexuality

 A Strong Delusion: Confronting the “Gay Christian” Movement. Joe Dallas. Harvest House Publishers

Homosexuality & American Public Life. Edited by Christopher Wolfe. Spence Publishing Company

Homosexuality & the Politics of Truth. Jeffrey Satinover. Baker Books

Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends. Mark A. Yarhouse, Bethany House Publisher

Understanding Sexual Identity: A Resource for Youth Ministry. Mark A. Yarhouse.

Homosexuality. James B. DeYoung. Kregel Publications

Homosexuality: How Should Christians Respond? Richard F. Lovelace. Wipf & Stock Publishers

*** Homosexuality: The Use of Scientific Research in the Church’s Moral Debate. Stanton L. Jones & Mark A. Yarhouse. InterVarsity Press

Legislating Immorality: The Homosexual Movement Comes Out of the Closet. George Grant & Mark A. Horne. Moody Press

Same Sex Partnerships: A Christian Perspective. John Stott. Revell Publishing

***The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics. Robert A. J. Gagnon. Abingdon Press

The Gospel & the Gay. Kenneth Gangel. Thomas Nelson Publishers

Welcoming But Not Affirming: An Evangelical Response to Homosexuality. Stanley J. Grenz. Westminster John Knox Press

Books for Friends & Family Members of Homosexuals

Someone I Love is Gay: How Friends and Family Can Respond. Anita Worthen & Bob Davis. InterVarsity Press

When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Do When a Loved One Says They’re Gay. Joe Dallas. Harvest House Publishers

Books for Men Struggling with Same-Sex Attractions

Coming Out of Homosexuality: New Freedom for Men & Women. Bob Davies & Lori Rentzel. InterVarsity Press

Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men who struggle with Sexual Identity. Joe Dallas. Harvest House Publishers

Growth into Manhood: Resuming the Journey. Alan Medinger. Shaw Publishing

Books for Women Struggling with Same-Sex Attractions

Out of Egypt: One Woman’s Journey out of Lesbianism. Jeanette Howard. Kregal Publications

Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women who Struggle with Same-Sex Attractions.

Anne Paulk. Harvest House Publications

Web Sites

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality –

Parents and Friends of ExGays & Gays –


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