Preparing men for eldership is essential for an ongoing, healthy church. We have provided various levels of training:

Importance of Training Prospective Elders – Why is training important? Is it biblical? Before starting a training program, join us in this two-part teaching that answers these questions and will give you a good foundation for your plan.

School of the Shepherds (SOTS) – Online courses developed to be part of the training of men for local church leadership.

Mentoring 1-on-1 – Easy-to-implement individual plan for using the lessons on the BER website in personal mentoring.

Effectiveness Training Plan – Easy-to-implement training to use as part of regular elders’ meetings or for small groups.

Biblical Eldership Book Study – A thorough study of biblical eldership based on the 12-lesson workbook “Biblical Eldership.”

Key Doctrinal Passages – An outline of the key doctrines and scriptures for defending sound doctrine.

Elder Development Program – Robust two-year program used to thoroughly prepare elder candidates for the work and ministry of eldership.

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