Communication 4

Series: Communication
Presenter: Alexander Strauch

Elders need to improve the effectiveness of their communication with each other and with the congregation. This is an area of urgency for every leadership body.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. List several reasons why elders need to be effective in communicating with their fellow elders.
In order to make good group decisions and to help care for and support one another as fellow shepherds as the flock. Also, to avoid confusion and overlapping responsibilities.
2. List four of the many ideas the speaker gave for practically helping the elders to communicate with the congregation.
1) prayer line 2) church bulletin 3) public announcements 4) emails 5) church newsletter 6) bringing key groups into the elders’ meetings for strategy and encouragement 7) mingling individually with the congregation

Discuss It

  1. What is the one best thing you do as a group of elders to consistently communicate your vision, values and beliefs to the congregation?
  2. What one idea did you get from the speaker that will help you and your fellow elders to communicate with the congregation more effectively?

Apply It

  1. As a group of elders, using a written survey, ask the people of your congregation how you are doing in communicating to them your vision, beliefs, goals, direction, and passion. Ask in the survey for ideas of how you can improve your relationship with the congregation.
  2. Re-read pages 33-43 of Meetings that Work by Alexander Strauch.

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