Self-Discipline 2

Series: Self-Discipline
Presenter: Alexander Strauch

This is the second of three videos on self-discipline. This session offers practical suggestions for how to develop personal self-discipline.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. Where do you start in trying to develop greater self-discipline in your life?
Make a conscious decision to be more self-disciplined and pray daily for this fruit of the Spirit to be exhibited in your life.
2. Define the word “procrastination” and explain why procrastination is destructive vice to a church elder.
To defer action, delay, to put off intentionally and habitually. The elder who procrastinates frustrates people and doesn’t get his work done. He wastes time and talent.
3. List all the areas of life where God has given you stewardship to organize and manage effectively.
Your time, your body and health, your spiritual gifts, your money and home, your marriage and children.

Discuss It

  1. In what ways do you frustrate the people you lead because of your disorganization or mismanagement?
  2. What is stopping you from becoming a more organized and well-managed Christian leader or family leader? (1 Tim. 3:4-5)

Apply It

  1. Find a brother who is well organized and an effective church leader, and meet with that person to learn his methods for managing and disciplining his personal life and ministry. Ask that person to mentor you in this area.
  2. Select three practical self-discipline considerations that you will begin this week to implement into your life. Write them down and commit to praying about them daily. Find an accountability partner or mentor who will hold you accountable to follow through on these.