Self-Discipline 3

Series: Self-Discipline
Presenter: Alexander Strauch

This is the third of three videos on self-discipline. This message presents more practical suggestions for how to develop personal self-discipline to be a more effective pastor-elder.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What does the speaker mean by “Seize small units of time,” and how does this apply to your eldership duties?
Throughout the day, there are many 10 to 15 minute periods, which are not designated specifically for work. Elders have many details to handle and during these many short time periods, phone calls can be returned or calls of encouragement can be made, e-mails can be answered, or even Scripture reading can be done. At the end of a month, these little periods of time add up to many hours. Effective leaders have all learned to use short little periods of time to accomplish big things.
2. Why is it important for a church leader to be self-disciplined in the care of his body?
Body and spirit are connected; to be a good example to others; to have energy and strength to carry a heavy workload.
3. Why is it important to be self-disciplined in every area of life?
All of life is interconnected; we are by nature unbalanced creatures but we need to live balanced lives; to display the Holy Spirit’s work in all parts of our life; to be more Christlike.

Discuss It

  1. What negative effects will there be on your church if you have a mismanaged, undisciplined personal life?
  2. At heart, do you think it is unspiritual to talk about personal life management principles and techniques for improving your work as an elder?

Apply It

  1. There are good books to help people learn to get organized in their personal life and work. Find one that suits you, read it, and begin to implement the principles you learn.
  2. Make a list of the areas of life where you are strong in self-discipline. Make a list of the areas of life where you are weakest in self-discipline. Select one area in specific that you will make a matter of prayer and begin to apply the principles learned in this series on self-discipline. Talk to another Christian man about your challenge in this area.

Digging Deeper

The Secret of Self Control by Dr. Richard L. Ganz