Memorization 2

Series: Memorization
Presenter: Chuck Gianotti

Memorization is a beneficial discipline for an elder’s own personal growth and also for his ministry. Part two of two.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. Name two examples of individuals in the Bible who knew Scripture by memory.
Jesus, Satan
2. What are the three benefits of memorizing Scripture that the speaker listed?
It fosters spiritual growth, allows the Word to dwell in us richly, enables us to resist the temptations of Satan.
3. What are some excuses for not memorizing Scripture as outlined by the speaker?
I'm too old and my memory is not very good, it requires too much discipline, I have no time, what's the point if afterwards I forget?

Discuss It

  1. Can a person get the same benefit of meditating on Scripture without memorizing it? Explain.
  2. How can a person develop this discipline without it becoming legalistic?

Apply It

  1. Set up a plan for memorizing Scripture. Determine a schedule of verses and the rate of memorizing. Be specific, even to deciding the mechanics (use of 3x5 cards, a sheet of paper, or other).

Digging Deeper

Why Memorize Scripture: This is an excellent message on the importance and value of memorization, from one who practices what he preaches. Dr. Piper begins with an extended recitation of various scriptures from memory.

How To Memorize Scripture. The Navigators ministry has specialized in discipleship over the years. Memorization has been a staple of their training of new and growing believers. This article contains solid, basic instruction in how to memorize.

Memorization by Rick Warren: This brief list of the benefits of memorization comes from popular preacher and author Rick Warren.

Teaching-Memorization: Noted Christian education scholar Dr. Kenneth Gangel expounds on the value of teaching memorization to the church.