Acute Shepherding

Shepherding God’s people takes on an heightened importance when someone is sick, hospitalized, or shut-in. Questions, emotions and concerns of various sorts can plague the believer. If ever there is a time for elders to shepherd, this is it. Join us as we explore this important subject.

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Lecture Outlines for Acute Shepherding Series
Detailed Outlines for Acute Shepherding Series

Digging Deeper

The Visitor’s Book of Texts: A Vital Tool for Pastoral Visitation, by Andrew Bonar.

The pastoral visitation of the sick and sorrowful is a spiritual exercise. Its purpose is to bring God’s Word to those in need in the prayerful hope of the Spirit’s blessing upon it. How we should visit the sick, and what we should say on our visits to them are the important matters addressed in this most useful book. Written by a spiritual giant of the nineteenth-century church, the book contains much-needed advice and clear guidance. Bonar gathers together a great number of Bible verses that will prove eminently suitable for a wide range of individual cases. These selected scriptures are interspersed with the author’s own brief, spiritual, and helpful comments. Here then is a book that should be in the hands of every Chrisitan visitor. It ought to be consulted prayerfully before embarking with God’s Word to the sick and sorrowful.