When an Elder Falls

When an elder falls, especially to sexual temptations, the whole church is affected.  This presents a very difficult challenge to the body of Christ, and it is very difficult to balance the many concerns that arise:  the gravity of sin, confession, forgiveness, grace, restitution, the reputation of the church, unity of the body, and the list goes on.  This is a special area of "Discipline." At present, Biblical Eldership Resources does not have curriculum for dealing with this, but we offer up the following recommended resources for dealing with an elder that has fallen:

"Rebuilding Your Broken World," by Gordon MacDonald, Nelson Publishers, 2003. Gordon MacDonald is a high profile author, pastor and a former leader of national student ministry. Author of many books on developing the inner life of the Christian and leader, he himself fell into sexual sin. After years of discipline and restoration, MacDonald writes with a unique and particular insight into spiritual and relational restoration from an insider’s point of view. From the heart of man who despite falling desires to walk in integrity and intimacy with the Lord. This is must reading for anyone who has fallen or who is trying to help someone who has fallen while in leadership.

"Restoring the Fallen: A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting & Reconciling," by Wilson, Friesen & Paulson, 1997, IVP Books. Written as a team, reflecting the restoration of a close friend/leader who fell into the depths of immorality while being a prominent national figure in a para-church ministry. This is hard-hitting, no-nonsense, no-hold-barred approach to “tough love.” A team of people refused to give up on the one who fell, and together they write about their experience. No easy forgiveness here, but restoration is usefulness can be accomplished.