Referrals & Vulnerability

Series: Counseling
Presenter: Dr. John Iamaio

The second in a three part series, this segment focuses whether and when an elder should refer a person to professional counseling.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. List a few circumstances where inviting outside intervention may be necessary.
Life and death situation. Specific situations where specialized skill may be required to handle the situation.
2. What are the advantages of expressing ones vulnerability in public?
It shows the elders to be struggling with similar issues as the flock and helps to connect at a deeper level.
3. Who are the first to catch hypocrisy among elders?
Members of his household -- wives and teenage children.

Discuss It

  1. What are some of the circumstances you may face that might require outside counseling?
  2. Why is it important that the outside counselor be a Christian?
  3. Is there ever a time when it may be advisable to use a “non-Christian” professional counselor?

Apply It

  1. Think of one struggle or difficulty you have had in your life, where you needed help from someone else (either for prayer, counseling, or other kind of help), or that took you to great depths in your struggle of faith or life. Think and pray about how you could share this experience in your ministry. Take time to write down your “testimony” of this experience, your struggle, your seeking help and how God met you in that situation.