Funerals and Dying 2

Series: Funerals and Dying
Presenter: Bob Deffinbaugh

Join Bob Deffinbaugh as he shares great insights into the topic of funerals and dying. Part 2 of 4.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. Why do we generally tend to resonate more with Fanny Crosby's hymns in relationship to grief rather than a song written by say a teenager?
There is something about suffering that clarifies the meaning of the hymns and songs as it ministers to our hearts.
2. How does assisting people in financially planning their funeral service help with future problems?
It can help them avoid being unreasonable in their spending, either by spending in excess which would be a waste of money or be a cheapskate and thus embarrass those left behind.
3. In which Psalm do we read about the phrase “The nearness of God is my good”?
Psalm 73.

Discuss It

  1. Explain the importance of life stories in presenting the gospel during the funeral service?
  2. Do you think the concept of joyful grief is legitimate or not? Explain your thinking.
  3. List the various things that can be done to customize a funeral service.

Apply It

  1. Prepare a general outline for a funeral sermon using Psalm 73 as your passage.

Digging Deeper

Heaven” by Joni Eareckson Tada

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