Same-Sex Attraction

Series: Same-Sex Attraction
Presenter: Ben Mathew

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This topic covers the subject of homosexuality and how the elders need to teach about it and shepherd those who are struggling with it.

Same-sex attraction has become a major issue today, becoming more and more acceptable both in society in general, but also pushing at the doors of the church. Some are advocating that the church accommodate homosexuality and even embrace it. And there are many who struggle with same-sex attraction in Christian circles, who have often wrestled in silence, loneliness, isolation and guilt–and sometimes even ostracization from those who are best equipped to help them. Elders must be prepared to defend the traditional view of this subject rooted in the revelation of the Word of God. But they also must be ready to counsel those struggling with this important life issue.  Join bible teacher and counselor Ben Mathew as he delves into this important subject.

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