Decision Making 3

Series: Decision Making
Presenter: Chuck Gianotti

In this series, we focus on decision making principles among elders, based on Acts 6 and Acts 15.

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A Sample Church Leadership Decision Making Policy

Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What two scripture passages were used to show prayer is needed because the church is under spiritual attack?
“… Upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” (Matt. 16:18) and “Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.” (John 12:31)
2. Why is absolute unanimity not such a good idea for deciding serious issues?
Because it effectively creates the situation where one man can control with his veto power.
3. With what three criteria go into making a decision by consensus?
1) There is sufficient will to make and act on a decision. 2) There are no serious objections to it. 3) All are willing to accept it.

Discuss It

  1. In your mind how does a “consensus” decision differ from taking a vote?
  2. What circumstances could lead to the resolution process legitimately taking more than the four months?
  3. For the dissenting elder who agrees to no longer resist the majority and to go along with the decision – how should he respond if someone asks him about his view on the issue?

Apply It

  1. If your elders group does not currently have a decision making policy in place, draft one for consideration.
  2. Make a list of some additional principles for teaching people how to disagree in a godly way?