Diotrephes Syndrome 1

Series: Handling Conflict
Presenter: Dave Anderson

This is a series based on 3 John 9-10 and the apostle John’s rebuke concerning Diotrephes. A study of this man’s character provides great insight into how one ought to and ought not to act as a Christian leader.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What were the five traits of Diotrephes?
He sought preeminence; he rejected authority; he gossiped maliciously; he refused hospitality to believers; he controlled others.
2. Why was hospitality crucial at the time 3 John was written? Why is hospitality so important today?
At the time 3 John was written, there were no hotels like there are today. It was essential for believers to practice hospitality and welcome itinerant preachers and teachers into their homes. Today, hospitality is important because it is a way to show love and sacrifice to others, believers and non-believers.

Discuss It

  1. Diotrephes refused to listen to the apostles. How is he an example of the need for a plurality of elders?
  2. The “Diotrephes Syndrome” doesn’t always manifest itself in the same way. What are some other examples of this syndrome that you have seen or know of?

Apply It

  1. Ask 2 or 3 close friends, mentors or fellow-elders, whether there is or has been a hint of the Diotrephes Syndrome in you?
  2. Memorize Psalm 139:23-24.