Participation 2

Series: Meetings That Work
Presenter: Kevin Fitzgerald

This unit explains important principles for personal participation in elders’ meeting. Part 2 of 2 (part of larger series “Meetings That Work”).

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. Why must an elder understand the responsibility of confidentiality and privacy?
He is in a position of trust with people’s secret sins and heartaches, therefore he must protect people from gossip and must show himself to be trustworthy.
2. How would you compare an elder with uncontrolled passion and anger with one who is Spirit-controlled?
Uncontrolled anger accentuates problems and clouds judgment, distorts reality and inflames emotions, deepens resentment and hinders peaceful problem-solving, provides the devil an opportunity to divide people. Spirit-controlled elders enjoy healthy group relationships, provide Christ-like leadership for God’s flock, promote calmness and gentle talk, promote healing words and wise speech.
3. What is the consequence of being a headstrong elder?
This kind of behavior ends up manipulating fellow elders, demeans one’s character, creates distrust among the elders, ruins relationships, gives a foothold to Satan and opens one up to further deceit.

Discuss It

  1. How would you deal with the problem of an out-of-control elder?
  2. What criterion would you use in determining how much of what is discussed in an elders meeting you might share with you wife?
  3. Case study: In monitoring/soliciting feedback from the people on an issue, two elders hear completely different perspectives. What are some factors that contribute to this? How can the elder’s effectively work through situations like this?

Apply It

  1. Ask the other elders to give you honest feedback, whether you are a manipulator, trustworthy with confidential information or hot-tempered.
  2. Make a list of three Proverbs covered in this session that particularly apply to areas that you want to improve. Commit them to memory.