Shepherding Shepherds 2

Series: Shepherding the Shepherds
Presenter: Bob Deffinbaugh

Who shepherds the shepherds? Elders must shepherd themselves and each other. Join Bob Deffinbaugh as he investigates this important subject in the second of a four part series.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What does the speaker emphasize about individual responsibility within a plurality of elders?
Individual spiritual accountability does not nullify the need for corporate accountability to the whole group of elders.
2. Why does plurality not necessarily mean complete equality within leadership roles?
Because not all elders have the same gift, and consequently not all elders should have the same function.

Discuss It

  1. Why is it important to note that elders don’t get any advantage when it comes to discipline for sin?
  2. What are some ways that plurality of leadership can be maintained while accounting for differences in gift?

Apply It

  1. Is there a struggle currently in your leadership team over the equality versus differentiation of gift? How does this affect accountability among the elders? Are the members of the elder team truly open to being held accountable? Discuss this with your elder team.
  2. If you are not an elder, discuss with your spouse or trusted friend your openness to accountability. Specifically are you open to being held accountable? Identify that last two times that someone held you accountable for something. How did you respond? What has changed in your life as a result?