Leading With Love

Series: Leading With Love
Presenter: Kevin Fitzgerald

Welcome to the six-part series on Leading with Love.

Love is indispensable. An elder must lead and teach with love. Since leaders set the tone within the church, it is vital that the members have a loving and Christ-like example to follow.

Kevin Fitzgerald presents concepts from I Corinthians 13, the chapter of love, on how a shepherd elder must conduct himself in the church.

The expectations are high. An elder is to be a people-person, one with high integrity and great faith. He must be generous, credible, and live a sacrificial life—and these qualities are just the beginning. He might have it all, but if he doesn’t have love, it would be a loss. Even to give one’s life for Christ and his children means nothing if it is not done in love. Without love, our most extraordinary gifts and highest achievements are ultimately fruitless to the church and before God. Love must crown it all.

Kevin helps the us see what love looks like in “shoe leather,” in practical terms. For if Christ gave his life for the church, it is a big deal to him, and it must remain a big deal to the elder.

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