Management and Planning 4

Series: Management and Planning
Presenter: Alexander Strauch

This is the final unit on personal management. Don’t procrastinate, don’t be a slave to phone calls, and don’t be over-committed. Plan time for rest, exercise and family. Be a balanced Christian.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. In what ways can procrastination be sin in the life of an elder?
When an elder promises to do something but fails to do it. When an elder doesn’t follow through with his duties and many people are hurt as a result. When an elder’s personal character is disgraced because of indiscipline and not keeping one’s word.
2. Explain the different elements involved in getting spiritual rest according to Mark 6:31.
Get away from one’s work. Do this by yourself. Go to a quiet place, preferably in nature, God’s creation. Get spiritual rest. Jesus is saying, “Come apart from your work, or you will fall apart.” This verse teaches the need for spiritual refueling and refreshing the soul through a spiritual retreat.
3. Why do effective elders need to be good delegators?
Everyone in the church is to be involved in serving. The elders cannot do it all. That is impossible. Elders need to have time for family and rest. Elders need a balanced life. Life cannot be all work and no play. But if they try to do everything, they will hurt their families and their own spiritual lives. Good leaders are always good delegators. By effective delegating, more work actually is accomplished.

Discuss It

  1. In what ways are we slaves to the phone?
  2. Explain how Acts 6:1-7 illustrates how good leaders delegate responsibilities to others.

Apply It

  1. If you are a procrastinator, pray for fresh grace everyday to conquer this vice.
  2. Together with your spouse, lay out your weekly schedule to see if there is proper time for rest, exercise and family. If not, find ways to incorporate these important elements. You may need to say no to some good but not best things.