Urgent Call to Shepherd 4

Series: Urgent Call to Shepherd
Presenter: Alex Strauch

In this five-part series, Alex Strauch expounds on Peter’s charge to the elders of the church in 1 Peter 5.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. List as many characteristics as you can of a domineering, controlling church leader. To answer this question, consider 3 John 9 and 10.
They must have their way, and they use people to gain their own success. They manipulate people, creating suspicion and gossip, turning people on one another. They think they are indispensable to the church’s survival. They do not develop other people or advance other people in leadership. They surround themselves with yes men. They do not serve others; rather, they want people to serve them. They rule with fear. They create an atmosphere in which everything centers around them. They do not welcome accountability or correction.
2. In the case of the churches in Asia Minor suffering persecution, why are the personal-life examples of the elders essential to their leadership of those churches?
How the elders act under the pressure of persecution is how the people will act. If the elders run, the flock will be scattered. If the elders show fear, the flock will be fearful. If the elders do not trust God for the outcome of the persecution, the people will not trust God. If the leaders show love and care for one another, the people will show love and care for one another.

Discuss It

  1. The speaker gave an example of how church money can be misappropriated and excused as “church ministry.” Can you think of other ways that people misuse church money under the guise of “ministry”?
  2. Why do you think so much of the Bible is biographical in nature? For example, Abraham, Joseph, David, Daniel, Christ, Paul, Peter, etc.
  3. What does it mean to lead by example? What is the advantage of example in effective leadership over appealing to titles, status or power?

Apply It

  1. Study thoroughly 3 John 9 and 10 and prepare a short, 15-minute message on this passage.