Visionary Elders 3

Series: Visionary Elders
Presenter: Viji Roberts

The values and principles of the local church is the third and last topic in this series on being a visionary leader.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. Describe the term ‘values’
It refers to what we believe about something and how that controls our behavior.
2. How did the Lord Jesus rank order values for his disciples?
By delineating the two greatest commandments: Love God and then love your neighbor, in that order.
3. What are two benefits from identifying your church’s values?
Helps you maximize limited resources, and helps you stay focused.

Discuss It

  1. Explain in your own words the concept of rank ordering of values and how it plays out in the event of a conflict of interest.
  2. If someone suggests an event or ministry that does not fit with the church’s stated values, does that mean the church should never do that event or ministry? How would you handle that?

Apply It

  1. Survey some members of your church to find out what they think are the three most important values of your church in rank order. Keep it open-ended. Tally them once done. How do you see that affecting their ministry? How do you think this lines up with the core values of your church?
  2. If your church has its core values written down, find a copy and study it. How well does the church live up to its core values as seen in the various ministries going on during the week? How would you change it? Are there things in there that are essentially meaningless, that is, just words, but are not reflected in reality?